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In order to draw things larger things, multiple people can organize to simultaneously draw larger project. This article is filled with tips for being an effective project participant.

Visit Drawball 24 Hours in Advance

This is very important! Sometimes your ink levels will be stuck at a low level and won't regenerate. To make sure that your IP address has enough ink, go to drawball 24 hours before the project begins, zoom all the way in and draw something. Then verify that your amount of ink is recharging. When you come back the next day for the project, your ink levels should be fully recharged to over 9000%

Arm Yourself

Visit the Tools page to download scripts and macros to help you paint more efficiently. For best results, download the tools in advance and play with them. You should familiarize yourself with the tools BEFORE the project; trying to learn how to use new tools during the project is a terrible time.



Please see the Ink page for detailed information on how ink works and how to be efficient with it.

Solid vs Sloppy

Although the end goal of the project is a perfect-looking, flawless creation... There are many times during the creation of it when it is better to sacrifice the quality of your painting in order of cover more ground. If there is still a lot of unpainted or damaged areas, its better to try IGNORE the smaller gaps that you missed. Draw lines through the big gaps and leave those smaller gaps for a later phase. Once the main shape and borders have been preserved, then you can go back and (using a smaller brush) fill in the gaps that were previously missed.

Handling Trolls

This is more philosophy than science, but, the best advice i have for you is: don't rage.

Resist the urge to get angry. If you are painting, and some troll comes along and starts vandalizing your work, the best thing you can do is zoom out and go repair some other location. By fighting back against the vandals, not only are you wasting ink, but you're giving them what they want. If you have to paint a spot more than once, you are wasting paint. Don't keep undoing repeated damage from the same troll.

Please remember that their goal is to upset you. By not getting upset, you deny them the reward they seek. Zoom out, wait for the troll to finish, then come back later to repair the damage. Once they've figured out that you don't care, they'll usually get bored and move on to someone else.

Damage Control

Spending your ink wisely during an attack will help ensure your creation lives through it.

The most important thing to preserve during an attack are the borders. The real drawball heroes will fight for the outline, because as long as the outline is there, other people with more ink can fill in bigger areas.

If you are running low on ink and the area you have been working on has been attacked, you can still preserve the borders by either switching to a skinny brush and very slowly tracing the previous border or lay down line of dots that preserves the former shape. That way when the reinforcements arrive, they know exactly what to do.

If you're having a hard time seeing the previous border, try zooming out, and then zooming back in. Sometimes the previous shape can be seen at the midpoint between the 50% and 100% zoom levels, but only when you've been previously working in that area.

Protected Areas

Some of the areas on the ball have been protected by the admins. Don't bother wasting your ink by trying to alter these things. Even though you can't paint over them, the server still charges you for the ink.

Protected Areas
Crabs Heart
protected crabs protected heart

UPDATE: the fish tank area is no longer protected and has been removed from the list of protected areas.