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Welcome to the Drawball Wiki


To provide a central repository of all drawball knowledge

To help provide better resources and organization for large projects.

Featured Articles

  • Tools -- Find tools to help you cover more ground with your ink
  • Participating in a Project -- How to be effective during a project
  • Organizing a Project -- How to plan a successful project
  • Factions -- Learn who the big players in drawball are
  • Videos -- Time-lapse videos of drawball
  • Chat -- Learn more about the chat
  • Ink -- How ink works, how to make ink work for you
  • Gallery -- A showcase of some of the more impressive things created on drawball
  • Chaos Ball -- Main page for the new Chaos Ball


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501st Joint Fighter Wing Strike Witches - Aug 28th 2011

October 25th 2015

People from 15-18 have done an amazing hapoel smiley over chaos. Dédi à Mantala, nout et lefdpquiessaiedetrooler.

July 9th 2015

Wiki is back.

September 1st 2011

New details on the Current Events page regarding the upcoming Luna project.

August 31th 2011

August 29th 2011

  • The [Strike Witches] did a great job with their logo.
  • Still attempting to identify the Jamaican athlete

August 22nd 2011

  • New pony project for Friday September 2nd.

August 20th 2011

  • Projectavia was a brief success and then quickly destroyed.
  • Korea and Japan / VIP are now locked in a bitter battle

August 18th 2011

  • South Korea invades drawball and steam-rolls over the whole ball with no problems. Added South Korea to the list of Major Players on the Factions page.
  • Projectavia has been finalized.

August 16th 2011

Poland is vying to become a drawball super-power. In addition to Poland's usual red and white onslaught, this evening's Mona Lisa is brought to us by a very talented Pole.