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There are some groups sometimes organize to draw on drawball.

Major Players

The major players are the ones who can take over the entire ball.

He was one of the major players in the past. He has still his scripts, but I don't know if he has enough IPs.
He took over chaos several times.
Same as FrogMixer. The last at the time these lines were written to raid the whole ball.

I think TangaFroxa is able to raid the full ball too, but he has never tried.

Biggest Factions

The biggest factions sometimes take over the ball. Here's a list of these.


Polish from http://www.wykop.pl did an awesome raid on chaos recently


Lots of different russians had raided Chaos Ball since it's realease. Most notably the huge orange lightning, yoba, and covering the whole ball with the russian flag.

Other Factions

Maybe they don't cover the entire ball, but they are far from unnoticed on drawball!


Rooster, from the word filter for 'cock' are groups of guys who draw, script and write rooster. They did some 'epic colossal roosters' on drawball in the past and now their activities are mostly on Chaos Ball.

G-Boyz / Mr. Fabulous

A group of 'satirical' graffiti taggers from drawball who moved to Chaos Ball since it's release. Mr. Fabulous is one of them, along with others.


Some guys who are very good at drawing cubes. They are seen ocasionally on Chaos Ball.


They did a huge epic green 8 on Chaos Ball when it was launched.


The Popedog has a dog's body and the head of a pope. It has appeared on Chaos Ball a lot of times.

Color Factions

Some people (mostly Anonymous) just want to color the ball of a unique color. Here is the list of the color which are often drawn.

Paint it Black!



Nobody really know which color it is.


Sometimes, rainbows appear and stay a long time!